Jean-Claude Sanon

Jean-Claude Sanon has been a community leader in Boston for decades. Sanon ran for Boston City Council in 2015 gaining 35% of the vote in a strong showing. Sanon works with the local Haitian radio stations and churches hosting both radio and in-person respectively. 

Sanon and Benjamin will work together in promoting Benjamin's campaign and ensuring that he hears the peoples' needs. Radio is one of the main sources of information to Haitian communities in the Boston area, so it will be important to cultivate a series of shows that allow residents the comfort and ease of calling into the show. 

Rindge Apartments Haitian Community Town Hall (3/17)

On March 17th, Benjamin held a town hall at the Rindge Apartments, focusing on immigrant rights and connecting communities. We heard from many community members that expressed fears of ICE deporting them, requests for elevator maintenance, and hope for better representation. 

I will be holding another town hall in the coming weeks and will publicize it. For now-- I am working to find out how to fix the elevators because we can't allow resident, Suzie to carry her groceries to her 17th floor apartment. 

Cambridge Democratic Caucus 3/12

It was an amazing afternoon last Sunday as I went to the Rindge School for the Cambridge Democratic Caucus day! There were over 150 people there and I am very happy to say that I was elected as a Democratic delegate in Ward 11. It was a tough vote, but I managed to get the nomination! 

This is an important step as we hope to push many progressive legislative bills. Specifically, we are focusing on the Progressive Mass Bills. Even more specifically, The Safe Communities Act is of outmost important as we protect our vulnerable communities; in fact, 37% of Cambridge residents are foreign, including myself. 

While many are disillusioned with the Democratic Party's primary process last year, I feel as though this is the best outlet to locally make sure that we do all we can in Massachusetts. While many consider our state to be very progressive, the fact is that we are not. Our last 4 speakers of the house (all Democrats) are in jail on corruption... we have work to do here. 

Love Will Win Event 3/7

I was so thankful to speak at this Cambridge community event. I enjoyed getting to know Marc McGovern better and hearing of his new initiative with Emmanuel Lusardi as the new Head of Immigrant Affairs for Cambridge. It was great to connect with fellow City Council candidate Quinton Zondervan and learn more about his Green Cambridge background and our push to become a more sustainable city. 

For more on the event-- the host, Alex Place provided a writeup on his blog. 

 Ronald with Emmanuel "Manny" Lusardi

Ronald with Emmanuel "Manny" Lusardi